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What is a Metro District?


Colorado Revised Statute Title 32, also known as the Special District Act, was created to allow for the formation of districts to provide public services above and beyond what counties or municipalities may provide. The law defines ten services that metropolitan districts may provide to their residents and requires that each district provides at least two of the ten.

Metropolitan districts are mainly funded through property taxes. Currently, there are approximately 1,850 special districts in Colorado with more forming each year as urban growth expands. For more information, please visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website here.

The Stetson Ridge Metropolitan Districts are special districts that are much like a governmental entities. District No. 1 is responsible for all facets of the maintenance and operation of parks, trails, open space and recreational facilities. It levies property taxes that pay for capital improvements, maintenance and operations.

A District's manager, attorney, and landscaper all work at the Board’s direction to make sure that District operations run smoothly.

For more information about the District, the Board, or any related questions, please reach out to Josh Miller, District Manager.

What services are provided by the Stetson Ridge Metro District?

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Landscaping

  • Snow Removal

  • Maintenance

There is a major leak or damage to irrigation in a District park or common area. What do I do?

Contact All-American's emergency On-Call line here: (719) 666-4505.

I have a concern regarding one of the services provided by the District.

Please see the Contact Us page in order to report any observed issue or other concern.

Does the District maintain the streets?

Public streets within the Districts are maintained by the City of Colorado Springs. GoCOS! is the system for reporting issues to the city to be addressed. Several issues, including CSU maintenance issues, can be reported through GoCOS!. The link to GoCOS! is here.

Who governs the District?

The Stetson Ridge Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3 governed by their respective Board of Directors made up of five elected officials who serve four-year staggered terms. Elections are held every two years.

Can I attend Board meetings?

Meetings are open to the public. Regular Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of January, April, July, and October at 9:00 a.m. Please refer to the meeting schedule found here for details. Until further notice, meetings will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have another question that is not addressed here.

Please contact District Management here or click the Contact Us button below for more information.

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